Requirements for a foreign company claiming
to the status of an international company
IC is registered in a member
state of FATF and / or Moneyval

IC is created before 01/01/2018
The controlling persons of the future IC had been the controlling persons of a foreign company until 01.01.2017
IC carries out business activities on the territory of several states, including the territory of the Russian Federation
The minimum amount of commitments to invest in the Russian Federation is 50 million rubles
A period during which investments should be executed
is 6 months from the date of IC state registration
Requirements for a company applying for the status
of an International fund or for the creation of International fund
The Company is a foreign unitary legal entity whose founders are not members and do not participate in the distribution of profits, nor do they have membership in it
The book value of the assets of the founder of the international fund on the basis of its consolidated financial statements as of the last reporting date is not less than 500 million rubles.
Foreign unitary entity registered in FATF member/observer State and/or Manivel
Location after registration is within the territory of SAR
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